Watercolour Demonstrations To inspire your Creativity

I will be presenting a series of Watercolour Demonstrations of my most popular works at my studio in Marlay Courtyard.

My Studio at Marlay Courtyard

My Studio at Marlay Courtyard

I will be hosting special demonstration mornings where I get together will a small group of artists who would like to learn how to do the watercolour techniques that I have developed in my 30 years as a working artist. 

The morning will take us through the process of a painting from start to finish. 

Creative techniques include:

*Working into semi-wet paper,

*Variegated washes,

*Using water-blend-able materials like crayons and pencils,

*Spattering into wet and on dry paper,

*Loose Watercolour Techniques and using drips,

*Exploring the differences with working on wet and dry areas,

*I will be touching on the use of collage and how I make my hand-painted papers for use in collage.

*You will also take away a complete list of my watercolour toolkit

*A List of how I use the various techniques and how to do them

*And a Goodie bag with some watercolour materials so you can try them out for yourself!

I have a special demonstration morning coming up this 11 August 2018, Saturday at my studio in Marlay Park Courtyard.


In essence, this will be like an intensive, exclusive front row seat where I share EVERYTHING I KNOW with you!


Please click on the link below if you'd like to book for September Classes.

Tea and Coffee - Free Parking IN Marlay Park Carpark

Sun Goddess 19 x 15 inches Watercolour and Collage

Sun Goddess 19 x 15 inches Watercolour and Collage


Download my Watercolour Toolkit here



I'm looking forward to meeting you!