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Watercolour Challenge

Photo of Kate Bedell on Watercolour Challenge 1999 (10k)

In the summer of 1999, Kate took part in "Watercolour Challenge",  the Channel 4 television programme, when they came to Ireland.

Watercolour - Memories of Molly (9k)

Her first day was at Sandycove, Dublin, where with Hannah Gordon they painted the cove with Joyce's tower standing above it. It was a cool grey day, and the wind off the sea kept everyone wrapped up tight. There were three artists present, each painting their interpretation of the view. Kate's picture was titled "Memories of Molly", and she was ever mindful of Joyce and Molly Bloom as she painted.

She won on that day, and then went to Powerscourt Waterfall in County Wicklow for the next stage, to paint the falls along with the other three winners from that week. Now more used to the cameras, she had great fun with the other artists and the guest judge Anika Rice.

The shows were broadcast on Channel 4 in September 1999, and her two paintings from the programme were sold at an exhibition in the Mall Galleries,  London in December 1999.

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