Winter Solstice


Winter Solstice

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The sister painting of Summer Solstice, this version is intrinsically linked with the Celt in me. Living in the Northern Hemisphere, we experience a great deal of our year in darkness. Indeed, the Celtic New Year begins on November 1st. The ancient people saw it as a period of going into the darkness, much like the embryo in the womb is created in the dark before being born. What we see in Spring is the surfacing of this light which has been nurtured deep within the womb of the earth. It is significant that the light of the world, like our spirit, never dies, even though it may not be visible. So too, in our dark days, we must remember to nurture the light within.

In this painting the woman sits wearing the outer cloak of the night sky while inside the lining is of orange and red, signifying protecting ourselves with self care.

The cup-shaped candle which she holds in her right hand highlights the need to keep at the forefront our positive intention to carry our light at all times.

The little robin in her left hand, shows that our connection with nature is important if we are to bloom. The colour of the robin’s breast, reminds us of the warmth and friendliness of others when times seem bleak.

There is an element of magic about this image. While I was painting it I could hear the song by Kate Bush, “December brings that magic again” and even though we may have an aversion to the Christmas period, we are reminded of the child inside and the excitement that this season can bring. We are also brought to reflect on this magical time as a holy time, when people gathered to share their gifts, their friendship and their love, with each other.

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