The Healing Tree

The Healing Tree - Kate Bedell - AdobeRGB (Copy).jpg
The Healing Tree - Kate Bedell - AdobeRGB (Copy).jpg

The Healing Tree

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The Healing Tree Mandala.

In his talk at the Vancoover Peace Summit in 2009, the Dalai Lama said

“The world will be saved by the western woman."

I don’t think he meant only Women living in the West of the World…rather Woman anywhere in the world who were in a position of power to be able to speak out about justice for all women.

This painting is based on the Ace of Wands Mandala which I painted in 2007. Rooted firmly in the ground, her tree of love and life reaches to the sky where she brings light and compassion to all those that need her. She is an earth angel, a creator and transformer. She is mother earth.

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Limited edition giclée print which comes in 3 sizes.

Each edition is limited to 100 prints.

Size A4 measures 6 x 6 inches in diameter.

Size A3 measures 10 inches in Diameter.

Size A2 measures 14 x 14 inches in Diameter.

The prints are numbered, titled and signed on the front.  

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