The Fountain Of Love Mandala


The Fountain Of Love Mandala

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The Water Mandala is named The Fountain of Love.  It is the chalice from which comes unconditional love, the Christ Light.  The dove of peace perches on the chalice, its beak touches and gently breaks the circle which is the spiritual host.  She awaits her twin flame, the divine masculine, to reunite with her to bring unification and wholeness to the world.  Everything in the painting, the lotus flowers, the water, the fish and the rays of the sun are brimming with this new 5th dimensional energy that lights up our lives. The movement of the water in the painting is flowing lovingly in and around the flowers as they move in rhythm to a new song, a new way of being, a new way of living.  The water element gently pulls us into this flow of love and life as we become one with our own sacred selves.

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Limited edition giclée print which comes in 3 sizes.

Each edition is limited to 100 prints.

Size A4 measures 6 x 6 inches in diameter.

Size A3 measures 10 inches in Diameter.

Size A2 measures 14 x 14 inches in Diameter.

The prints are numbered, titled and signed on the front.  

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