Jeshua - The Christ

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Jeshua - The Christ

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Jeshua, the Christ is depicted here at the Sea of Galilee. He holds within his hand, not the light of all creation, but a gentle lamb. No halo, he is surrounded by the gentle and natural light of the sunset at the end of a warm day. Feathers surround the lamb reminding us that we hear His message in gentle whispers. In the background we see a scene of fishermen gathering in the nets as Christ gathers us to him to share in the light of life. Everything in the image has an earthly connection. We need food to eat, and water to bathe in, the sun to warm and soothe us at the end of a long day and the comfort of loving connection with one another, (people as well as animals). (The figures over His shoulder show John the Baptist baptising Mary Magdalene in the water of life.) He is our Father, our friend, our life.

These giclee prints are made on Velvet Fine Art paper and are produced on demand on my Epson printer. This means that your order will take a couple of days to print, pack and send to you. Thank you very much for your patience. Kate x

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High Quality Giclée prints printed on museum quality Fine Art Paper from Arches using Epsom’s Ultra Chrome HD Pigment inks.

Small size prints are Open Edition (meaning they are not numbered). They measure 4.25 inch in diameter - image size, on a 6 x 6 inch paper. They are signed and titled on the front with pencil and come with backing in a cellophane envelope. This is a lovely size for placing on an altar or giving as a gift.

Large size print are a limited edition of 200 and measure 10 inches in diameter - image size, on 12 x 12 inch paper with backing board and cellophane envelope. These prints are numbered, titled and signed on the front.  

This size is just 2 inches smaller than the original watercolour painting which measures 12 inches in diameter. (They are suitable for ready made IKEA style frames (size 50 x 50 cms apx 20 x 20 inches) which some with a mount/matt)

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