Garden of Eden Mandala


Garden of Eden Mandala

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The Garden of Eden Mandala is based on the Triptych painting I completed in 2001 called The Tree of Life is about Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.  The Mandala image came about after I sold the painting to Tod Born, from the Rock Group, Earth Colony. He thought it would be perfect  for their debut album. He suggested how wonderful if would be to do a circular image, an mandala, for the actual CD itself.  So I did! And here it is.

The following is the story of the original painting and why and how I created it.


It is referred to in the Bible as The Fall. 
Here, I am painting the union of Adam and Eve, and the beginning of Life.
The painting has two meanings.  There is a separation because the
tree has split in two, but Adam and Eve as Lovers, are reuniting.
Hence it is the Journeys End, when the two are together again.

The apples are symbolic of hearts, and specifically the ten of
hearts or cups from the pack of Tarot cards.  This card's meaning
is 'complete happiness'.

The painting is a 'triptych', which means three paintings that are
separately framed but are joined together to form one.  The left-hand panel,

shows the darker side of the story, or the 'fall from
grace'.  It depicts the spiritual dove caught up and tangled in the
winter branches.  The serpent (I think you referred to it as a lizard)
is hissing at the bird.  The  red apple in this picture is tied with
barbed wire, like the crown of thorns.  Blood (splashes of red paint)
is spattered from it, and the apples at the bottom, are cut in two.
Again this is symbolic of the parting of Adam and Eve.  One of the
apples is still ripe and good.  The other has become tainted; its
seeds are in the shape of an inverted heart which has split in two.

The right side, or positive side, is filled with white lilies (my favourite
flower) and symbol of peace.

The circle in the background is the moon, as it is often used as a
strong symbol for romance and nocturnal meetings.  It also
signifies dreams and things of an ethereal nature.

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