Eternal Flame

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Eternal Flame

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The Eternal Flame Mandala originally had its conception in the Ace of Wands Mandala. 

That first little 'doodle' I did for a tarot project many moons ago.  It was stolen off my blog post and used all over the world.  Just my luck that one of my images went viral and my name wasn't on it!! ( you hear me?) It all came from my imagination -  out of the blue.  One thing lead to another.  First the wand, then the tree connecting the wand to its roots and the sky.  The Kundalini energy rises through the trunk. Then emerged the butterfly with two pieces of the same heart on each of its wings.  The two halves of the heart are in constant motion as the butterfly moves her wings; first together, then apart, in the dance of life. My intuition brought forth the most incredible paradox; that we must split apart (as unique souls) or separate (as twin flames) in order to  journey back together again and become united.

The fire of life, the eternal flame of our spirit, is held in the grace of the holy spirit as we strive to become whole through our endings and beginnings.  Don't ask me why we are here on earth school to do this and to learn this.  Our loves, our lives and our relationships are in constant motion, creating and re-creating our ever growing consciousness.  This is the story of life.  The process of creativity which is kept alive by the eternal flame, the original spark, that light in the dark.

As Carolyn Myss says, "We're not here to get it.  We're here to DO it!"

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