Abundance in The Secret Garden

Ace_of_Pentacles_Mandala_-_NB_-_Kate_Bedell_-500 watermark).jpg
Ace_of_Pentacles_Mandala_-_NB_-_Kate_Bedell_-500 watermark).jpg

Abundance in The Secret Garden

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The Secret Garden Mandala represents the suit of Pentacles and Earth.

We can relate so easily to the earth element as we are made of this stuff.  The Pentacles denote our physical selves and physical lives.  It is very down to earth.  They represent our connection to the earth, nature, our day to day lives and working for a living.  Their energy is slow moving and is linked to earth time.  Earth time reminds us to 'take our time', 'slow down', 'smell the roses'.  The five pointed star in the Pentacle represents our human body (1 head, 2 arms and 2 legs).  It also represents our 5 senses.  It is through connecting with the earth in a simple straightforward way that we can reach the heights of ecstasy.  Remember...how do you feel when you smell a rose (heavenly?).  What do you remark when you see a sunset (Breathtaking?).  It is in the small detail of the day to day routine of slow, sometimes boring, life that we are given the key to the universe.  You don't believe me?  Try it.  Stop.  Slow down.  Meditate.  Become one with your body, your self, your heart and your breath.  When you do you will become one with all of life and know the answers to everything. It works.  Today say out loud...

"I am grateful for my life and all that is in it.  I am happy in my body.  I am happy being me.  I am here.  All is here.  I am the beginning and end of creation".

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Limited edition giclée print which comes in 3 sizes.

Each edition is limited to 100 prints.

Size A4 measures 6 x 6 inches in diameter.

Size A3 measures 10 inches in Diameter.

Size A2 measures 14 x 14 inches in Diameter.

The prints are numbered, titled and signed on the front.  

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