Experiments with Digital Double Exposures

 I was playing around with collaging some photos with some text.  I started out with a misty photo that was badly exposed by any photographers standards.  Yet, I knew when I first saw it that it had potential.  I sharpened it and added a few more contrasting areas which instantly made it look more arty.  Next I overlaid some text.  I found it on the internet and loved it so much I bought a license to use it in my artwork.

 I had a second try using another photo over the original one.  This time I didn't enhance it.  I just took pot luck.  I'm quite happy with the mysteriousness of it all.

 I had no control over how the images would be overlaid.  This is because I was using Picassa instead of Photoshop.  I was just trying some things out and so did not want to be overwhelmed by technology.  Sometimes the quick fix can springboard your imagination which is enough to get you going.

 I wasn't very happy with this one...seems to be missing something.  Yet I like the mysteriousness of it.  Something like this could lead to a painting or collage.  Even if an experiment is not successful it is never wasted.

I seem to have come full circle with this one as it is so painterly that the abstraction is lost as we recognize a landscape.  This was just one photo (the trees) which was superimposed over one of my collage/journal pages.
Kate BedellComment