Sunflower Demonstration Part 4


The previous stage showed the sunflower in all its glory but it was still a little rough looking. This final stage just dots the "i's" and crosses the "t's". The underwork is all done; the textures all added...what more could the painting need? I think this is my favourite part. I do more intricate spattering with gouache (opaque paint) and gold ink. I also lift out some areas in the sunflower centre which gives the impression of seeds, but in a stylized way. The opaque paint added at this time gives the impression of small jewels. (You will remember I cautioned against using opaque paint earlier...but this is completely different here. It is added only onto a dry area, and no mixing with the underpainting occurs). I also add some painted gold areas to accentuate some of the petals. It gives a designed effect to the overall look of the completed painting. And there we are. I will go over some of the techniques in more detail in the next part.