Painting Demonstration

Thank you very much to the Dublin Art Society for inviting me to give a painting demonstration at their monthly meet up.

In the following section I will document the demonstration I gave in a series of step-by-step photographs.

Here is a list of the materials I was used to create the painting of "Sun Moon and Stars".

Paper The Langton, Rough Grain, Watercolour Paper, 140lb/300gsm weight, Size 20" x 16" .

Brushes Pro Arte Series 100 (a mix of sable and nylon) sizes 18 and 10. I like to use the mix instead of pure sable as the brush has more spring and can take a lot more punishment! It will also last longer and keep its tip, especially when you are using a rough surface.

Paints Winsor and Newton and Daler/Rowney Artist's Watercolours. (The Daler paints are mentioned in brackets) in the following shades:

Aureolin Yellow
Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Orange (D/R)
Quinacridone Gold
Transparent Turquoise (D/R)
Scarlet Lake
Permanent Rose
Perelyne Maroon
Venetian Red
Phthalo Green (in moderation)
Green Gold (D/R)
Prussian Blue (D/R) in moderation
Cobalt Blue
French Ultramarine

The main drawing was done using the Albrecht Durer, Aquarelle Crayons made by Faber-Castell. They come in a tin, aproximately 21cms x 18cms, and look like regular crayons. However, they disolve on application with water, and the colour is lightfast and translucent. They can be painted on to dry paper, and merged using a wet brush, or alternatively, they can be drawn into a wet wash, or dipped into water for dramatic effects. The use of these crayons gives you the freedom to both draw and paint in loose, large shapes. You can make very effective line drawings with them, or use them on their side (like a conventional pastel) to block in areas. Their effect adds impact and texture, and encourages the artist to draw with colour, rather than just fill in pencil-drawn shapes which can make the image a little stiff.

I also used an alcohol spray to add texture which will be detailed in the Watercolour Techniques.