Glorious Sunflower

"Glorious Sunflower" was painted using the traditional wet-in-wet technique on Arches N.O.T 300gsm Watercolour Paper. After initial washes were laid down, I tightened up the image by painting each individual petal around the main flower head. This gave from and contrast to the softness of the background. A little bit of modelling of the paint was used in carefully lifting out the highlights on the outer greenery of the flowerhead while the paint was still wet. The colours I used were yellow ochre, cobalt blue, raw umber and ultramarine. I avoided all of the strong staining colours so that I had the ability to lift out the highlights. The vignetted edges give a light airy feeling to the flower as I wanted to portray movement and life within the subject. A Giclee print of this image (size 21" x 14") will be available soon on my website