Why I love watercolour

In my Studio

In my Studio

Connecting Nature to Spirit through Watercolour

I first became attracted to watercolour over 30 years ago on a painting holiday in Cornwall. I loved the immediacy and fluidity of the medium. When I painted the old rooftops of the quirky yet beautiful old buildings, colours ran together giving an organic feel to the moss and old slates.  I felt like I'd discovered a magic colouring book! The watercolour captured the essence of my subjects in an ethereal way.

Enchanted by the possibilities of creating a new, dream-like reality within my paintings, I developed my style with an emphasis on the effects I could achieve with Watercolour, by letting the paint and water form patterns in their own way.  I love to break the old fashioned rules of the medium, pushing it to its limits.  As watercolour is a translucent medium in which layers of colour are built up in stages, I further enhance this layering process, by incorporating collage with pieces of mulberry tissue and lace paper.  The threads within the silk paper give a beautiful, loose graphic effect which contrast with the printed word used as a formal 'pattern'.

I am an intuitive painter.  I believe that the artist is in communion with the painting and as such it is a living thing.  Often I am aware that I can channel a different energy in each piece and I love the freedom and spontaneity that the medium of watercolour gives me. It suits my personality and offers me the variety that I need which stimulates my creative process. I get so excited about what I can discover with watercolour that I love to impart this knowledge to others through workshops, online classes (coming soon) and my facebook page.

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